Welcome to campingsanmarco.it

The booking is very quick and easy!!


You just have to choose the kind of accommodation you require, you will then get automatically a quotation of your holiday and you can send us your booking-request just by pressing a key.

Follow the instructions below:


It takes very little to choose where you want to stay, read the description, select the time of the year and get an estimate. Once you have finished, click on "Request availability" and a form will be displayed. Enter the required data then proceed to the "Request holiday" button to send the request to our booking office.

2  PAYING THE DEPOSIT ON-LINE If you have already booked at San Marco Camping and received our offer with the booking number, you can PAY THE DEPOSIT by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard). We will send you a booking confirmation by e-mail or post. Please give a copy of the booking confirmation when you check in at San Marco Camping.

If you already have a booking number you can complete the ON-LINE FORM with the personal data of the group. This will make check-in and registration procedure to the campsite faster!