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Useful advices to reach Venice from the Camping San Marco...

To reach Venice from Cavallino is necessary to use the boat-service from Punta Sabbioni. In order to avoid to look for a parking and contribute to the traffic jam, we kindly suggest you to use the public transport which are always connected together, and leave your car safe in the camping.

The nearest bus-stop is only 200 meters from the camping, and the bus takes about 15 minutes to reach Punta Sabbioni which is 12 km from us. The boat is timely connected with the bus and will take 40 minutes to reach San Marco’s Square.

To come back you will take the same boat from Venice and the same bus (towards Jesolo Lido – via Baracca) will wait for you in the same place. From Punta Sabbioni departs also others links to the islands in the Venice lagoon.